Easyjet Flight Review from Luxembourg to London Gatwick

Sometimes you’ve got to bypass the full service airline and fly low cost. That’s what happened to us on our recent trip to the Isle of Wight. By evaluating the options we had to get there, we figured out that the easiest was to fly in to Gatwick. From Luxembourg airport, Easyjet is the only option to Gatwick.

When flying Easyjet is the only option

He’s totally fine with this seat


Funny thing (well actually not that funny when it happened) is that we almost didn’t make it onboard as hubbys french identity card was a bit torn on one end. The checkin agent told him right away that he won’t be able to fly like this. After calling his supervisor, the duty manager and finally the police, who said it was ok, we were able to proceed to the gate! So, my advice, always have your official papers in good shape!

The online check- in can be done 30 days prior to travel. When you check- in online you are given preassigned seats. You cannot chose your seat, unless you pay. I was pleasantly surprised though that we were all seated together. I was a bit afraid that this would not be the case. The boarding passes need to be printed out at home as there is no check-in counter for Easyjet at the airport, only a bag drop off counter. For all luggage, other than handbags you have to pay extra. This fee is even more expensive if you show up with a bag at the airport without having paid for it before.

When flying Easyjet is the only option

The onward flight left on time but we had a 45mns delay on the return flight.

Of course if you want to eat or drink something you’ll have to shell out money. You can find the menu and price list in the seat pocket. Contrary to what one may think, it isn’t that expensive actually. The water on board is in fact cheaper than the bottle I bought just before boarding! Lesson learned!

When flying Easyjet is the only option

The legroom was limited, the seats do not recline and there’s no entertainment system. So thank god it was a short flight. I passed some time reading the Easyjet magazine “Traveller” with some interesting articles and destination tips and reviews.


The flight crew was quite pleasant and doing their job professionally. We often encounter worse flight attendants in big name airlines.

Overall the experience was better than expected. Even though we’ll always prefer full fare airlines, Easyjet is worth an option. And if you’re wondering how Easyjet is doing vs Ryanair, no doubt, go for Easyjet!

Did you ever fly on a low cost airline? Do you agree that Easyjet is better than Ryanair ?