Bangkok Airways Review: Airbus A319 Flight to Koh Samui

If you are heading to Koh Samui, you will likely find flights on Bangkok Airways. Indeed, Bangkok Airways owns the airport of Samui (USM) and so basically regulates who is allowed to fly there. Read on for our Bangkok Airways Review and make sure to read until the end! A tip is waiting!

Bangkok Airways online booking

We booked the flights Bangkok – Koh Samui -Bangkok directly on the Bangkok Airways website. Bangkok Airways flies to Koh Samui from Bangkok almost every hour during day time, either with the Airbus A319 or the ATR, a turboprop airplane. Upon booking we made sure our flights were on the Airbus (bigger airplane, more comfort and shorter flight time) and also reserved seats including 2 child meals. This service is all complimentary and you can chose between a variety of meals. Unfortunately, no child meal was available on either flight, although cabin crew knew they had been requested. Anyway the flight only lasts about an hour, so it is already a big challenge for the cabin crew! What other airline serves a hot meal in Economy class on a flight lasting less than an hour? None.

Bangkok Airways Review

The Bangkok Airways Fleet

Bangkok Airways Review – Check- in

We checked in online 24 hours before the flight, so the next morning we just had to drop the bags at Bangkok airport. Another good point is that Bangkok Airways transports one checked bag free of charge. There are not many airlines left that do so! Service at the airport was efficient.

Bangkok Airways Review – On board

We were greeted with a warm “welcome on board”. The cabin crew are proud to wear their uniform and they do their best to deliver good service.

Bangkok Airways cabin crew with children Bangkok Airways Review Airbus 319 Cabin interior

The seats are quite comfortable and there is enough leg space. As soon as the captain released the seat belt sign, the cabin attendants distribute full course meals including a salad, hot meal, dessert and water. Additionally they pass constantly through the cabin with juice, coffee tea and more water. The level of service they provide on such a short flight is really incredible. The food on both flights was very good as well.

Bangkok Airways Review fah thai magazine Bangkok Airways Review inflight service Bangkok Airways Review meal

Bangkok Airways with kids

Child meals and baby bassinets can be ordered at least 24 hours prior the flight. The bassinets are only available on flights over 2 hours. On board, children receive replaceable stickers with Bangkok Airways mascots.

Koh Samui airport check in

As smooth as the check in process was in Bangkok, Koh Samui was a different experience. Although it was a controlled chaos, hundreds of people lined up to check in. Because Koh Samui airport is an open structure it was very hot. It also took ages to check every passenger in. It was quite an unpleasant experience and by the time we reached the gate no time was left to visit the shops.
koh samui airport

Koh Samui Airport (USM)

Bangkok Airways Check-In

Once you have your boarding pass, the rest of the airport is really nice and welcoming. Koh Samui airport is really one of a kind. The open structures with thatched roofs, coconut trees and water ponds make it a special and serene atmosphere. You feel more like in a mall than at an airport. Check for yourself:

Boarding Bangkok Airways in Koh Samui

Trams (like the Disney World parking lot trams) take you to the plane.

Airbus A319 Bangkok Airways Review


Bangkok Airways Review Airbus A319

Goodbye Koh Samui – ลาก่อน

Bangkok Airways Tip

Go to the Lounge! Yes you heard right! When flying on Bangkok Airways you get complimentary access to a departure lounge with drinks and snacks including fresh popcorn! Don’t miss it! Not like the authors of this post, who totally ignored that service-duh! But you’re welcome 😉

Our experience with Bangkok Airways was really pleasant (except the check-in in Koh Samui) and we would definitely fly with them again!


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