Visiting the ultimate pumpkin farm in Luxembourg

Are you looking for the best pumpkin farm in Luxembourg? Well, good for you because we might have found it! Located 45 minutes from Luxembourg city in the town of Roodt/ Ell the Hahn family is the biggest pumpkin grower in the surroundings.

pumpkin farm luxembourg
Visiting the ultimate pumpkin farm in Luxembourg
We had the opportunity to visit their farm and get an introduction on how pumpkins are planted, harvested and conditionned for the market. We discovered the many different pumpkin varieties, edible and decorative ones, that Christian Hahn grows on its 5 hectares of fields. Every year he plants between 40000 and 45000 pumpkins seeds.
Visiting the ultimate pumpkin farm in Luxembourg

It was interesting to see who is behind the luxembourgish pumpkin production. The way Christian Hahn talks about the pumpkins, shows how much heart he puts into the work. He really loves his pumpkins! They are incredibly rich in vital antioxidants and vitamins. Plus they are an excellent source of potassium and fiber and are very low on cholesterol.


We tasted a delicious butternut squash soup and baby boo pumpkin that his mother prepared for us. She even shared the recipe.

Visiting the ultimate pumpkin farm in Luxembourg

After the tasting we picked some pumpkins to take home. There was a tremendous choice to say the least. He produces over 50 different sorts of pumpkins. Finally we chose a big Hokkaido pumpkin to carve for Halloween and make a soup, plus a large butternut squash and some baby boos to cook as vegetables. Christian’s mom let A and C chose additional pumpkins to bring home.

If you’re looking for a pumpkin patch USA-style, this farm is the best you’ll find in Luxembourg.

Pumpkin Farm in Luxembourg

Visiting the ultimate pumpkin farm in Luxembourg

You can find Christian Hahn’s pumpkins at your local Cactus supermarket or directly at the farm in Roodt.

Visiting the ultimate pumpkin farm in Luxembourg

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Where to find the Hahn pumpkin farm:

12, rue Principale

L-8560 Roodt/Rédange

Phone: 23621454

In the season, the farm is open from early morning until 7pm.