Iguazu Falls with Kids – Complete Guide for Argentina and Brazil

If you are wondering if visiting the Iguazu Falls with Kids is worth it, we can tell you: yes, yes and YES!

Iguazu Falls

Garganta del Diablo

We suggest planning at least two full days for the Falls. You need one day to visit the Argentinian side of the falls an one day for the Brazilian side. It is a must to visit both sides, but if you have just 1 day, we all agree that the Argentinian side is the one to choose.

The taxi drivers know well how to navigate the Argentinian and Brazilian borders. You don’t even need to get out of the car. While we were in Iguazu (August: south american winter time) there was almost never a waiting time. Crossing the borders was hassle free, but the taxi driver told us that in summer the car lines can be awful.

Bridge between Argentina and Brazil

This post is divided in two parts. First, visiting Iguazu National Park Argentina, followed by Iguaçu National Park in Brazil. Please note that our visit dates back to 2016!

Iguazu Falls with Kids – Argentina


First of all, you need to know that the entrance fee at Iguazu National Park Argentina has to be paid in cash (Update April 2018: Visa & Mastercard credit card payments are now accepted!). We suggest to withdraw enough Argentinean dollars before arriving at the National Park. But if you didn’t get the chance to withdraw money, there is an ATM at the visitors center.

Iguazu Falls with Kids main entrance

The entrance fee is 330ARS$ for adults and kids pay 80ARS$.

When entering the park we suggest going to the visitors center first. Here you learn about the Iguazu Falls ecosystem and the local inhabitants the Guaranies.

To access the trails and the Devil’s throat you have to go to Cataratas station. To go there you can chose between taking the train or walking the Green Trail. Depending on the waiting time for the train, it might be a better choice to just walk the 600m Green Trail.

garganta del diablo station

Once you get to Cataratas station, you have 3 choices: Either you wait for the train to Garganta Station or you start by one of the 2 trails. Access to Garganta del Diablo trail is only possible via the train. Depending on the crowds you might have to pick up a ticket showing your boarding time.

Garganta del Diablo Trail – Iguazu Falls with Kids Argentina

As said before, from Cataratas station you can opt for the upper and lower circuit. Both are very different and well worth it.

Iguazu Falls with Kids

Family pic at Garganta del Diablo

You can easily spend the whole day here. We walked a total of 11k on the Garganta del Diablo, upper and lower circuit and the green trail.

Iguazu Falls with Kids


Iguazu Falls with Kids Tips:

• Beware of the coatis. They’ll rob your food!
• Take enough water
• Kids below 12 cannot go on the boat ride under the falls in Argentina. But in Brazil yes!

Iguazu Falls with Kids – Brazil


The Brazilian National Park differs from the one in Argentina. From here you have panoramic views on the Falls. Also, there is a lot less walking on the Brazilian side. At the main entrance, you take a bus to the National Park. You can get off at different stops.

Iguazu Falls brazil

Iguazu Falls with Kids

Macuco Safari ( Boat Ride)

Get off at the Macuco Stop if you want to do the boat ride under the falls. You can chose between 2 boat rides. One where you get completely wet and one where they guarantee you’ll stay dry. If you come this far to see the falls, we definitely suggest doing the soaking one. But come prepared! Which means, take bathing clothes, a towel, a poncho, K-way, Flip Flops and new clothes to wear after the ride.

You’ll get wet to the bones but it’s so much fun!


Before getting on the boat, there’s train ride through the jungle where the guide gives explanations, followed by a short walking trail with a picture opportunity at a waterfall.

Thereafter you can buy a locker (10BR) to put your stuff in and dress/undress for the ride. We all went barefeet. Then they provide a life jacket, you board the elevator down to the river and get on the boat. Let the fun begin! The boat journey takes about 15 minutes and you drive 2 times under the falls. Don’t forget your waterproof camera!

macuco safari with kids

Macuco Safari wet ride

Once you’re done, head back to the bus stop. We suggest getting off at the Trail das Cataratas. Here you can see the beautiful hotel das Cataratas and enjoy a panoramic view on the Argentinian side of the Falls. From here take the trail until you get to Garganta del Diablo. There are quite a few picture opportunities along the way. It is a very humid walk because of the spray from the falls.

Iguazu Falls with Kids

Parque das Aves – Iguazu with Kids

The Bird Park is located opposite the entrance to the Brazilian National park. The best is to make a stop here before visiting the falls. Just ask to be dropped off here and walk to the park entrance after the visit. At Parque das Aves you’ll see all kind of bird species. We especially liked the toucan and the colorful parrots. The visit really exceeded our expectations in terms of number of birds and how well maintained the park is. Definitely recommended!

Regarding accommodation when visiting Iguazu with Kids, we can recommend the Mercure Iguazu Hotel Iru in Argentina. You can read about our stay here.

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