Etihad Airways Flying Nanny Service for traveling Families

In September 2013, Etihad Airways launched a new service: the Etihad Airways Flying Nanny. A dedicated childcare assistance programme offered onboard long-haul flights and on the ground to provide families with an extra helping hand when travelling with children.

While we had the opportunity to fly twice with Etihad since the introduction of the new service, we never really got to experience it. We were always traveling on night flights and as soon as we boarded the plane, the kids were asleep. So we were looking forward to fly Etihad again and see what this service was all about.

When we boarded the Etihad flight from Abu Dhabi to Paris A and Miss C were nicely greeted by a nice cabin crew dressed in a bright orange apron, the Flying Nanny. Shortly after take-off she brought some gifts for the kids and made sure that they got their meal early (before all other passengers). While I was reading a book, Miss C wanted a new film on the entertainment system for the 10th time 2h into flight (…you get the scene). Thankfully Mary Poppins showed up and played with her.

Etihad Airways Flying Nanny


MIss C was pretty excited to get her face painted and a tattoo on her arm. I mean how cool is it to get facepainting at 38000 ft??? That was definitely a first. She
felt really special given all the smiles she got from fellow passengers. And I was relieved that I had some “me” time while the Flying Nanny entertained my daughter.


Etihad Airways Flying Nanny


If you are travelling with a baby, the Flying Nanny will help you with the preparation of the bassinet or with replenishing of the milk bottles.

Kids travelling as unaccompanied minors will also be taken care of by the Flying Nanny. Be it crafting Japanese origami, creating greeting cards, doing quizzes and challenges to keep them occupied as well as taking them on tours of the galley during quieter moments of the flight.

Etihad Airways Flying Nanny


Thank you Etihad Airways Flying Nanny for making this flight a memorable one!