A day at Universal Studios Japan, Osaka

When arriving at Universal Studios Japan, we had some serious doubts on whether we should enter the park or just leave again. Since all the years we go to theme parks all over the world, never had we seen such an impressive human tide making its way to the attractions. Really you had to see it to believe it! Anyway, we didn’t see how we could tell the kids, now that we’ve come here, that we would not enter the park….So we went. The crowds were really bad for most of the day but we managed to see some shows and do less popular attractions which were still a lot of fun.




Universal Studios Japan

So first, we made our way to the San Francisco area. Backdraft had no line so off we went. It is a walkthrough attraction were you come face to face with a fire inferno. The show is based on the film “Backdraft” and you learn how they create special pyrotechnic effects. I’ll not lie, our little one was terrified for the rest of the day! Thankfully we made up for it later in the day!

Universal Studios Japan

We used the photo service for a family picture with Spiderman. We do this every time to have a keepsake of our theme park visits. This is our first from Universal Studios Japan.


The Jaws attraction had “only” 40min wait. It is a great boat ride were you come face to face with a man-eating shark. You can take small kids as it’s not a so terrifying ride.


WaterWorld is a must see theater show at Universal Studis Japan. We saw it already last year at Universal Studios Hollywood but would’nt have missed it! It’s an adventure show with jumping jet-skiers, perilous plunges, firefights, massive explosions and an in-your-face plane crash! Have your camera ready! Be aware that if you sit in the first rows you might get soaked!





We ventured into the Wizarding World of Harry Potter but the crowds were INSANE. We almost couldn’t move! Yet we tried to go on Forbidden Journey ( with child swap) but there were like a million people in front of us and none of the staff could tell us how much wait there was as they didn’t understand English. Too bad! Wizarding World of Harry Potter was a huge fail!




Universal Studios Japan

At Universal Wonderland there were some great kiddy rides and attractions. It’s like a Hello Kitty land, there’s a Kitty Café and Cupcake shop were you can buy all kinds of the cutest food! If you have a little Hello Kitty fan there’s no way of missing this part of the park!

Universal Studios Japan



At HK Cupcake Dream you board a cup which spins as music is played. By turning the steering wheel you can ramp up the fun! The best part, as mentioned in a previous post, is Hello Kitty’s Ribbon Collection. What may not sound very appealing turned out to be the best thing ever for our daughter.



Universal Studios Japan


After walking through different rooms you actually get to meet Hello Kitty privately in her suite! She even talks to you and knows your daughter’s name! Afterwards you have the opportunity to buy pictures from the photo service. Meeting HK was really a highlight for our 5yo! And I think that even her brother enjoyed meeting Kitty!


Universal Studios Japan

Meeting talking Hello Kitty! KAWAIII!


Universal Wonderland has also a Snoopy and Sesame Street dedicated part. You can fly in the Sky with Snoopy or drive around a small circuit course in a car designed as Elmo’s face. Wonderland is perfect for kids below 10.

Universal Studios Japan

Universal Studios Japan


Shortly before the Magical Starlight Parade (at park closure) we managed to go on Jurassic Park The Ride. There’s was no wait at all and we could have done it again. Jurassic Park is an impressive river tour through tropical trees to encounter dinosaurs roaming around the land. A raging T. Rex is waiting for you and to escape your boat takes a 25.9 meter drop! Thrill guaranteed!

The Magical Starlight Parade (as the name suggests) is really magical! I think it was my favorite part of the day. The light, the colors, the music, the characters are really beautiful. It is similar to the Disney Electrical Parade but I have the feeling that this one is longer. As you guessed, this is an absolute must see at Universal Studios Japan at closing time!

Universal Studios Japan





After the parade you won’t find anything to eat in the park. So we went to Hard Rock Café right outside Universal Studios. We were seated immediately and had a nice dinner!

Universal Studios Japan

Universal Studios Japan


It was great day at Universal Studios Japan and we would definitely go back… but without the crowds next time please!


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Have you been to Universal Studios Japan? Or any other Universal Studios in the world? Which is your favorite? Did you experience the same crowds?