The Complete Guide for visiting Teotihuacan with Kids

Are you planning on visiting Teotihuacan with Kids? If the answer is yes, then this post is for you. But even without kids, you will find some useful tips for taking the most out of your journey to Teotihuacan.

Teotihuacan pyramid of the sun

Pyramid of the Sun


How to get to Teotihuacan with Kids?


It took us some time to figure out the best way to visit Teotihuacan. As public or tour buses are not a great option for families and as we were not sure to find a taxi back from the site nor at what rate, we decided to hire a driver for the day. Actually it was the concierge of the hotel who arranged the driver for us. The driver also doubled as a guide. Normally we prefer doing things on our own, but it turned out to be a great day. From Mexico City it takes about one hour driving to Teotihuacan.

The Complete Guide for visiting Teotihuacan with Kids

The Complete Guide for visiting Teotihuacan with Kids


Do you need a driver / guide?


The guide proved to be useful in the sense that he provided us with information that we would otherwise have ignored. We were able to ask him questions directly which we normally have to research after visiting. Also, we probably would have missed out on the Cathedral. So, if you are wondering how to go to Teotihuacan, we recommend to hire a driver/guide for the day. It’s really the most convenient and stress free way to get there especially if you are traveling with children. Of course, it’s not the most economical solution for visiting Teotihuacan!

It was about the same rate for just a driver or the driver that is also guide. If you are afraid that your kids will be bored, just tell the guide up front that you don’t want too many details and lengthy explanations. This was also our biggest fear but it worked really well. Plus we had to translate some of the information as A and C don’t speak English. If you would like the details of our guide, just drop us a line.

Teotihuacan with kids

Palacio Quetzalpapalotl


Things to pack before heading to Teotihuacan:


Depending on what season you are visiting, it can be really, REALLY hot. So, don’t forget sunscreen, a hat and mostly water. There are stalls selling water and snacks near the parking lot. We recommend taking enough water before entering the site as you won’t be able to buy any close to the pyramids. The distance between the pyramids doesn’t seem far but once you have been up the Pyramid of the Sun under an excruciating heat, every step becomes an effort!

Teotihuacan vendor stalls


Another good reason to hire a driver is because you can start the visit at the Pyramid of the Moon, walk down the Avenue of the Dead and finally climb the Pyramid of the Sun. The driver will drop you at the closest parking lot for the Pyramid of the Moon and pick you up at the parking lot for the Pyramid of the Sun, which saves you walking all the way back. Your children will be grateful and maybe you too.


Avenue of the dead teotihuacan

Avenue of the Dead seen from the Pyramid of the Moon

The Complete Guide for visiting Teotihuacan with Kids

Pyramid of the Moon

teotihuacan with kids

Here you can see the distance between the Pyramid of the Sun and the parking lot

Is Teotihuacan stroller friendly?


Not really. As there is gravel everywhere and not to mention the steps before even reaching the base of the pyramids, if at all, you would need an all terrain stroller. The best is a carrier to climb the pyramids.

The Complete Guide for visiting Teotihuacan with Kids

Sitting on the top of the Pyramid of the Sun with a view on the Pyramid of the Moon

What about the sellers that are on site?


You will notice a lot of people trying to sell you all kinds of trinkets like silver jewelry, keychains and statutes. If you are not interested in buying, don’t look at them and just say “No Gracias” and they’ll let you move on.

The Complete Guide for visiting Teotihuacan with Kids


Teotihuacan with Kids – Know Before you Go:


• Admission is $65.00 MXN per person, Kids are free

• Wear good shoes

• Bring water and snacks or buy near the parking lot

• Don’t forget sunscreen and a hat

• Bring a baby carrier

• Plan about 3-4 hours on site

• Come early

• Open 7/7 from 10.00 am to 6.00 pm

• Avoid visiting on weekends especially on Sundays as Mexican residents can visit for free that day and it gets really crowded

If you have any questions about visiting Teotihuacan with Kids, please leave a comment below or contact us. You can also follow us on Facebook and subscribe to new posts.

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The Complete Guide for visiting Teotihuacan with Kids

2 minutes after leaving Teotihuacan… it was EXHAUSTING but so worth it!