Top Things to See and Do in Mexico City with Kids

As soon as our plans to go to Mexico City with Kids became obvious, ensuing discussions went something like this:

“What??? You are going to Mexico City? With KIDS? Are you crazy?”

This is very likely the reaction of family and friends to your Mexico plans too. We’ve been there and thankfully we didn’t listen and went ahead with the plans.

To put the things straight, Mexico City is an incredible city and we never had any concern about our safety. People are very friendly and helpful, so if you act with common sense there won’t be any problems at all. You won’t be sightseeing in the latest designer clothes, a Chanel purse and 5k cash in your pockets are you?

So without further ado, the top things to see and do in Mexico City with Kids (in 3 days):

Mexico City with Kids – Day 1: Coyoacán


Start the day at the Frida Kahlo Museum. Make sure you buy the tickets in advance because there is a long line to buy tickets at the venue. Ticket price is $120.00 for adults and the tickets are timed. So don’t miss your time slot! Also, as it is the case in almost every Mexican museum, there’s an additional charge if you want to take pictures. And they are really strict about it! Attendants are supervising every room.

Frida kahlo ticket line

Buy your tickets in advance so you can enter without waiting.

After Frida Kahlo Museum, walk down Calle Allende to the Mercado de Cayoacán. It is a nice farmer’s market selling all kinds of fruit, veggies, meat and fish. It’s lovely to walk around the alleys and see what they offer. A & C were in awe with the big colorful pinatas some stalls were selling.

Farmers market

Mexico City with Kids


Continue down Calle Allende until Av. Miguel Hidalgo. Make a left until you reach Museo Nacional de Culturas Populares. The museum shows diverse exhibits of regional art. Entry is $13.00 and kids are free.

When you’re done, head back to the corner of the street where you find a lovely bakery called Lecaroz with tons of pastelitos and panuchos tradicionales. Make your choice, cross the street and enjoy your treat on a bench in the lovely park jardin Hidalgo. There is free internet available.

Lecaroz bakery coyoacan

On the center plaza is a church called Parroquia de San Juan Bautista. Especially the interior’s height is impressive. Head out to a door on the right hand side and you’ll find yourself in the most pretty Mexican courtyard.

Right outside the church, is the Jardin Centenario bordered by cafés and restaurants.

Finish your visit to Coyoacan at the Mercado Artesanal Mexicano. This is the place where you want to buy inexpensive Mexican souvenirs. We bought some lovely colorful hand painted bowls and our daughter got a beads ring and necklace.

Mercado artesanal mexicano coyoacan

Some random pictures of the lovely streets in Coyoacan:


Mexico City with Kids – Day 2: Teotihuacan and Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe


We actually went to the Basilica before driving to Teotihuacan. If we had not hired the driver we would have missed out on it as it wasn’t in our plans. Yet, it was a short and interesting stop. The Basilica is actually, besides Vatican City, the most important pilgrimage sites of Catholicism and visited by several million people every year. Who would have known?




Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe

Click here for The Complete Guide for visiting Teotihuacan with Kids. 


Teotihuacan with kids

Mexico City with Kids – Day 3: Historical Center and Chapultepec Park


Start the day at Secretaria de la Educacion Publica to see murals of Diego Rivera. The entrance is free, you just need to sign in at the door. Diego Rivera’s murals are spread on 3 floors. Make sure you go to the third floor. If you have to choose one place to see Diego Rivera’s work in Mexico City, this is THE one!


diego rivera mural


From here, it’s a short walk to the Templo Mayor and Metropolitan Cathedral.

El Zocalo is Mexico City’s main square and there is always something happening here. Make sure to stop for lunch or dinner at El Balcon del Zocalo in Calle 5 de Mayo. From here you have a stunning view on the square.

Madero is a pedestrian and one of the most popular streets in Mexico City.

Pedstrian street

If you like sweet treats, you have to stop at Dulceria Celaya for some Mexican candies. This is a traditional shop selling all kinds of delicacies.

Mexico City with Kids


Dulceria de celaya

Casa de Azulejos is a historical building in downtown covered with white and blue tiles originating from the state of Puebla.


We did not visit the Palacio de Artes, but the outside is stunning and worth seeing.

Right next to the Palace of Fine Arts is Alameda Central, a public park, where you can see the Benito Juarez hemicycle commemorating the Mexican statesman.

Mexico City with Kids


The Museo de Arte Popular is a must see. We thoroughly enjoyed the beautiful arts and crafts and learning about the Mexican culture. Entrance is $40.00 MXN and kids below 13 are free.

Mexico City with Kids


Chapultepec is the largest city park in the western hemisphere. We loved to walk around, buy some cheap Palomitas (popcorn) (5MXN/ 0.25$ ) and cotton candy. You can rent a boat on the Lake. Although we had no time to do any of these, you may want to check out the Chapultepec Castle, Museo of Antropologia and the Museum of Modern Arts.

Exit Chapultepec via Paseo de la Reforma to see Diana Cazadora and the Angel de la Independencia.


Mexico City with Kids – Know before you go:

• Uber is a very cheap and convenient way to get around Mexico City ( we used Uber all the time)using uber to get around mexico city

• Free wifi is available at most tourist attractions and parcs

• Having basic notions of Spanish is helpful

• Most Museums are closed on Mondays

• 1 USD is approximately 20 Mexican pesos

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