Off to the Summer 2016 Family vacation…

Hello everyone,

It’s August 8, and we are on the way to the first destination for our summer 2016 family vacation. We won’t disclose our itinerary [Edit: scroll down for an overview of the trip] because we always want to stay flexible and, you know, superstition 🙂  We have plans, but these can change any time. But rest assured we have some fun and exciting things to come for the next 5 weeks! What we can tell, is that we won’t be doing another around the world trip this year.  Although we thought about doing one, we finally decided to focus on a certain part of the world and especially on one country that needs to be visited soon before it changes all too much…

Summer 2016 family vacation

As we will be traveling for the next 5 weeks we won’t be updating the blog with posts about the actual trip. If you want to know our current location, we invite you to follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. We will try do do at least one daily update, when possible.

Until then, hello from Frankfurt 🙂

This was our final itinerary:


5 weeks trip