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Japan is fantastic when it comes to food.
Many of the high end restaurants have a no children policy (that will be the subject of an other post), but there are many other options left for eating in Japan with kids.

Here is a glimpse of what you can get :

Tempura in Osaka:

Tempura, deep fried vegetables, were introduced in Japan by the portugese during the 16th century and are still very popular. Usually there’s a vending machine at the restaurant entrance where you select your meal, insert your coins and bills, and receive a ticket with your order. Then you step in, sit at the counter, hand the ticket to the waiter, and voilà, your meal will be ready in minutes.

Eating in Japan with kids

Eating in Japan with kids


Yakiniku in Kyoto:

Yakiniku means grilled meat. Originally from Korea, this is very famous in Japan. Small pieces of meat are served with vegetables and you cook them on a coal barbecue in the middle of your table. The one we have been to was in a traditional house with huge windows showing the japanese garden. The setting was beautiful and very relaxing. Kids loved to cook their own meal. They even asked to return to this restaurant but unfortunately it was fully booked. I think we all 4 agree that this has been our favourite restaurant experience in Japan.

  Eating in Japan with kidsEating in Japan with kids

Eating in Japan with kids


Ramen in Kyoto:

Ramen is a Japanese noodle soup dish. It’s wheat noodles, served in a meat or fish broth, flavoured with soy sauce or miso. Toppings are eggs, pork meat, dried seaweed, green onions etc. Every region in Japan has its own style of Ramen.

Eating in Japan with kids Eating in Japan with kids

Eating in Japan with kids


Eating in Japan with kids


Teppanyaki in Tokyo:

Also known as showcooking. All the family sat around a cooking counter. You order your menu made of vegetables, seafood, rice and meat and enjoy the show given by the chef while he cooks it ! Kids loved it !

Watch the show…


Sushi in Tokyo:

And of course, you can find sushi and Sashimi plates almost everywhere. Believe it or not, what the kids enjoy the most is the wasabi. They also love to sit at the counter and watch the chefs making sushi.

Eating in Japan with kids

Eating in Japan with kids

Eating in Japan with kids: Have you been to Japan with your kids? What food did you try? Did your kids like it?