It’s time to fly to friendlier skies

Here we go again! We are at the airport. School holidays just started!

Our criteria for the 1 week getaway were:
1. Sun & heat
2. Not too much jet lag
3. Nice resort/hotel with great service
4. Kids club!

At first, we decided on Phuket because we found convenient flights and a great resort. And we’ve never been there. But after checking the November weather in Phuket we decided against Thailand. Apparently it is the month with the most rain. Reluctantly we chose a new destination that fit our criteria. And we came up with something, not very original, not new but at least we have a guarantee for sunshine. Filling up the Vitamin D tank before facing the Luxembourgish winter is vital, right?

Now, it’s your turn! Where are you heading to this fall break? And where do you think we are going to?