Déierepark Esch Gaalgebierg – Fun & Free animal park in the South of Luxembourg

On a cold afternoon in January we decided to drive to the animal park in Esch, known as Déierepark Esch Gaalgebierg. We didn’t really know what to expect, but as we heard good things about the park, it was about time to pay a visit. Outdoor activities for children aren’t easy to find during the winter, so this is one great exception. And moreover it’s free!

Déierepark Esch Gaalgebierg

Is Déierepark Esch Gaalgebierg easy to find by car and park?


Yes, absolutely! Just follow rue du Stade in Esch sur Alzette until the very end. You’ll pass a football stadium, tennis courts, the Seven hotel and then you’ll see a camping on your right and parking spaces on your left. The animal park is right at the end of the street. Easy 🙂

Entrance to the park


Déierepark Esch Gaalgebierg entrance


See the red finger on the map? That’s where you enter the park.

Déierepark Esch Gaalgebierg map

Before heading to the animals, don’t forget to grab some food at the dispenser!

Déierepark Esch Gaalgebierg animal food dispenser

Frozen Happy kids ready to feed the animals!

Déirepark Esch Gaalgebierg is home to 150 animals of 25 different species. As an example, you can see bunnies, goats, sheep, deer and even raccoons, spread over an area of 2 hectares.

Déierepark Esch Gaalgebierg

Every enclosure has information signs about the animals in Luxembourgish, German and French.

Déierepark Esch Gaalgebierg

There are also 2 playgrounds and several rest/picnic areas.

Déierepark Esch Gaalgebierg playground

Here’s what the feeding looks like

We were pleasantly surprised by how well the park is maintained and the animals are taken care of. Best of all is that the entrance is free and that they supply food for the animals. This park is a real gem and perfect for spending a few hours outdoors with your kids.

Déierepark Esch Gaalgebierg- Know before you go:

• Entrance to the parc is free

• Open 24 hours, 7 days a week, year- round

• Free food for the animals

• The petting zoo is open Tuesdays from 2pm-4pm

• Wear play clothes adapted to the weather

• Bring some snacks & drinks for a picnic

• Strollers are ok

Have fun and come back to tell us about your experience! If you have any questions, please contact us here or leave a comment below. Don’t hesitate to share this post with your friends and like Letzflyaway on Facebook for more inspiration.