Visit of the Palace of the Grand Dukes in Luxembourg City

During summer (16.07- 4.09.2016), the Palace of the Grand Dukes or Grand Ducal Palace in Luxembourg City opens its doors to visitors. So, last year on a gloomy July afternoon we took the opportunity to visit.

Have you ever had the chance to stand in the office of a head of State?


The Palace of the Grand Dukes The Palace of the Grand Dukes

You enter via the rear of the Palace, rue du Rost. Here you have to undergo a security check to enter the Palace. The guide will give you to a small introduction about Luxembourg.

Note that unfortunately pictures are not allowed inside the Palace.

The first room you’re taken into is the Salle de la Balance where a special exhibition is currently taking place. It’s called “La Dynastie Luxembourg- Nassau”  by Marc Schoentgen.

The Palace of the Grand Dukes

Among others you’ll see the reception room and the two way entrance to the balcony where the Grand Ducal family greets the population on special occasions, the Grand Dukes office and the dining room. An impressive staircase is leading to the first floor. You’ll see family portraits, paints, old maps, rugs and big chandeliers. Contrary to what visitors may think, the Grand Duke does in fact not reside in the Palace. He lives in a castle in Colmar-Berg, which is about 35 minutes from the city centre.

The Palace of the Grand Dukes


The Palace of the Grand Dukes

Normally 1 or 2 guards keep the palace safe

The Palace of the Grand Dukes

The Balcony

While it was very interesting to see the interior of this historic building, we would have preferred a smaller group to make the visit more personal.

Yet, we really recommend a visit to the Grand Ducal Palace. A once in a lifetime experience!

The Palace of the Grand Dukes –  Know before you go:

• The visit takes about 45 minutes.

• Price: Adults: 10€, Children: 5€ (proceeds go to the Grand Dukes Charity)

• Note that tickets for the Palace are only available at the reception of the Luxembourg City Tourist Office on Place Guillaume II.

• We strongly recommend to book the tour in advance, as the maximum of participants is 40. The guided tours take place every day except Wednesday and are available in English, French, German, Dutch and Luxembourgish at following times:

10.00 am – English
10.30 am – French
11.00 am – German
14.00 am – German
14.30 am – Luxembourgish
15.00 am – Dutch
15.30 am – English
16.00 am – German
16.30 am – French
17.00 am – English


The Palace of the Grand Dukes


More info: Luxembourg City Tourist Office
Phone: +352 22 28 09

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  1. Hridya

    wow!!! this is so cool!!!

    1. LetzFlyAway (Post author)

      Thank you Hridya!

  2. Anne

    I love the pictures! I’ve never heard of the Palace of Grand Dukes. I’m planning on visiting Luxembourg next summer (hopefully) so I would love to block of 45 minutes and visit 🙂

    1. LetzFlyAway (Post author)

      Oh, great, you should definitely add the Palace on your must sees in Luxembourg. Especially since you’ll be here in summer which is the only time one has the chance to visit the Palace 🙂

  3. mark

    Looks amazing we love visiting palaces and castles. Its such a pit when they dont allow photography

    1. LetzFlyAway (Post author)

      Hi Mark, if you like Palaces, you would definitely enjoy this one.

  4. Vyjay

    The Palace looks so elegant and majestic and its interiors too must be beautiful. It would be really a thrill to stand in the office of the head of state of Luxembourg 🙂

    1. LetzFlyAway (Post author)

      Hi Vijay, I guess you’ll have to come visit Luxembourg then 🙂


    I’d like to go here on my next trip to Europe… wonder when that’ll be?

    1. LetzFlyAway (Post author)

      Hello Jessica! Don’t hesistate if you need some suggestions when your plans become more concrete 🙂


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